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Dating Services with Russian women and Ukrainian girls

Management on using a site

Service working (in details)


Brief version



If you feel alone or just seeking for new friends visit our site and put your profile there. Please, choose a username and you will be assigned a mail box on our server where you can check your mail, trace the sent correspondence, contacts, credits purchased and spent. We urgently ask you to place your photo to your profile, in other case we cannot guarantee your letters responded.



It’s easy to find our database and contact all the persons chosen. There are 3 ways you can contact to them (as you like):



Sending a message (free)



The members who have Internet access immediately receive your message. Actually some of our female members do not have Internet access; therefore, your message will be forwarded to our representative in the city needed and that in turn will deliver the letter to her personally, by phone or by post. Her response will be delivered in the similar way directly to your mail box on our website. We guarantee obtaining e-mail notification of each message received.



Having obtained a response, to open it you need to buy credits ($1-$2 per credit depending on the number of credits you purchase). Number of credits needed for opening a letter varies. You can carry out payment on a credit card, by check, wire and so on. Just a “smile” (free)



A “smile” means a quick “Hi” message with link back to your profile which indicates to a member that you are interested in him or her.


Leave a live interpreted phone call directly to her via our bi-lingual operator (1,8 credits per minute)


Use toll-free 1.866.974.6453 (in case you outside of the US call +1 (312) 252-0005) from 6AM till 3AM CST, and inform the operator your login to our site, and the name of the reference number of the member to which you would like to talk. Providing that there is necessary member’s phone number on file for the connection, the operator will dial her, and if she is at home the operator will stay on the line and interpret your conversation while you are speaking. If she is not at home, but someone of her family answers the phone, the interpreter will point the next call.



Note that for some of the women there are no their numbers listed or we may arrange the call in advance. In such cases we are not able to connect you immediately, and then we point a call for a later time which is convenient for both. The matter is some ladies prefer not to be disturbed with “cold calls” so they won’t accept a call if they haven’t knowledged a man’s profile or a letter from him for the first time.



That follows further



If you have already spent conversation with one or several members one way or another, so just time to think of a personal meeting to her (or him). As our men and women are often located on different continents, we can organize your first meeting, if both parties are positively adjusted on meeting. The great majority of the ladies won't be able to get a visa to arrive to the US, so the meeting is usually arranged either by men travelling to her country, or meeting on "neutral territory" such as France, Turkey, Dominican Republic and so on. The situation is that citizens of former Soviet Unions are not allowed to visit some of these countries without entry visas, and the difficulty of obtaining such a visa for her varies. We have a complete section on Visas and Immigration in our FAQ.



If you have met personally and if you in consent with to continue relations, your next step is to apply for her "fiancée" visa. On this type of visa she would be able to arrive to your country and stay there for a definite period of time (for US it's 90 days). If you get married during the period while living there, she can stay in your country indefinitely. In case you don't get married, she will turn back home. Read more.



If you decide to arrange your meeting with the lady somehow differently, there is a way to pass it by receiving her direct contact information, see the explanation.






We offer you a unique flexible price structure such as 50 cents per one letter exchange (to send one letter and get one response), thus constantly improving quality of service. The similar services of our competitors cost $8. And our services for ladies are free of charge.



Note: if you begin corresponding with a lady, you pay the fixed price to open her letter.



Here is how it works. At first you buy credits under the following prices:
100 credits or more: $1 per each credit
55 credits: $1.09 per each credit
20 credits: $2 per each credit



All main credit cards, checks, wires are acceptable.



Secondly, the price (in credits) to open a letter from each member is also different, and here is why. Some of our female members do not have personal email addresses and Internet access as well as our male members. In order to deliver letters to them we should call them and ask to come to a local facility to open their mail and respond to those they are interested in. It’s possible to find a translator to help read the message and write a response if a woman does not speak English. If the lady cannot come to the local facility soon, an interpreter will read the message to her by phone and as for her wish it will be printed and mailed to her by domestic mail. It actually costs much to do all these operations. As for ladies who do have Internet access regularly checking their personal e-mail, delivering a message to them is fully automated. So the ways of delivering your correspondence varies in each case. As our competitors have pointed high prices gaining big money, we carefully treat your savings.



Most of our members do have email address, and you can exchange messages with them directly, passing agency, and the price is 50 cents per 2-way letter exchange.



You should know the following. Nearly all the dating sites have a small number of very popular women who get the majority of letters from men. Both parties in loss- women who do not get any letter and the men whose letters remain without the answer. These sites actually are not anxious about it, placing beautiful faces of their most popular girls on the first page and sell subscriptions or their addresses. They do not clear up the fact that top-ladies have received hundreds of letters from other men. In avoidance of a similar situation we are providing a floating price for correspondence with each woman separately, based on the number of members with whom she is keeping correspondence. Our system does illuminate how many letters she had already received. The more letters she receives, the higher is the price in credits to open a letter from her. Nevertheless, the price does not change for those men already corresponding to her, but grows for new contact attempts, narrowing the number of men writing to her. If many letters go unanswered and price increasing does not have sense, we have to drop her profile from search results (allowing dating correspondence to continue anyway). In case a member does not answer any letter his or her profile will be suspended and later removed because of inactivity.



The price in credits you pay for opening a letter from a chosen member is based on the abovementioned factors and varies from 0.5 credits to 20 credits.



More information



Personal pages contain all the information about our members. It’s possible to learn everything about them, but not their contact information. It happens her personal page says "Unknown", or "Information not supplied" on definite fields, for example: "Hobbies: Unknown", or "Job: Information not supplied", that means that the lady prefer not to answer that question. The best way to know more about the lady is to write to her yourself. It is the letter addressed to her which is the best way to know more.



Real member?



The lady is available if you see her profile on our web site. We remove all unavailable or inactive profiles if a member doesn’t visit our site, doesn’t check one’s mail and doesn’t answer the messages. Prior to remove one’s profile we seriously warn a member by mail.



Will tell you later?



If you notice a phrase "Will tell you later" on women's personal pages it means that she does not want to place this information on the web, however, would not mind discussing it in correspondence with you. For example "Special interests: Will tell you later…" That is what a lady chose to answer to this specific question. We offer these answer options in our questionnaire that the ladies fill out.



Payment by check or money order



We accept payments by check, money order, cash, wire transfer, Western Union and Money Gram transfers and more. Please, send the money for the amount of credits you want to own. The prices for credits are as follows:
100 credits or more: $1 for each credit
55 credits: $1.09 for each credit
20 credits: $2 for each credit



At payment carrying out, please, indicate your username on our site, or your full name, or your email address. Upon receiving the payment we apply the credits to your account.



Guarantee of security of transaction with a credit card



As a fact we have no any case of credit card theft or any other customer data compromised since opening our agency.



It is your right to demand a more thorough and technical information. The credit card transactions on our site are secure. We practice credit cards via our own secure server with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption as the majority merchants on the Internet do. Using SSL browser encryption provided by Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, your credit card information is kept private while being transferred over the Internet. Be assured that your credit card information is transmitted securely, as well as all of the information about the order (with our order form) is transmitted in secure mode to insure privacy. Your credit card is encrypted until it is transmitted via a dedicated line to your processing bank. Only you, we and the processing bank have access to unencrypted credit card information.



Whether you do shopping on Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, or accessing your credit card statement online - you get absolutely the same protocol - SSL encryption. SSL is considered the most common and reliable encryption on the Web. However, it evidently doesn’t mean absolute indestructibility and inaccessibility. Applying necessary methods and technologies a technically advanced hacker can break it, the same way the credit card numbers can be stolen from department store and bank databases. If you want to have absolute safety, you should refuse from any credit card purchases over the Internet, telephone or in-store, not use the Internet at all and never write any check. But you should not worry a lot, because it is almost impossible to buy something worth more than a hundred dollars or so, having only credit card information, but not the card itself, on hand. In any case, with the majority of credit cards, you are not liable for the fraudulent use of your card information or your maximum liability is $50.



For the better protection, we never place your credit card information on the server. Due to Visa and Master card regulations we do not keep the CVV data (the three or four digit security code on the back of your card) anywhere left. If happens your credit card number being stolen, it can't be used so much anywhere without that code.



The encrypted credit card information will be kept only on our internal computers, and only to assist you if you have problems processing your order on-line, or to issue any refunds. We never use your card without your authorization. No "recurring" charges, no membership payments. We only use your card with your authorization. We guarantee.



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